I’m Ian, an American-born, Spain- and UK-raised, aspiring apologist, musical artist and scholar. To know God in Jesus Christ and make him known is my life’s goal. To create culture which inspires thought is my passion. Hip hop is the language of my soul. Writing is something I have to do, whether in poetry or prose. So these are my reflections on the things I find interesting, profound or important.

I read Hispanic Studies at UCL, some Theology at Oxford University and History of Christianity at Birmingham University. I now live in Birmingham with my beautiful wife and best friend, Celina, working with Betel UK, a charity dedicated to restoring lives broken by addiction.

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  1. Hey Guy:

    Like the site a lot. Since I am generally dismissive of social media i.e. never blog nor tweet nor all the rest, this will be an exception to my rule which is “Hey! Let’s not share.” I’ll be reading and i am forging some thoughts on the poetry. One question, is this blog only for your material such that others begin a string of comment. Or does it diversify into the material of others as well. Pax tecum baby!

    • Ian D Martin says:

      Hey! Thanks so much for commenting. I feel honoured! I had really thought of it as a place for me to share my own creative work, reflections and comments on books I’m reading. It was more of an obedience thing, knowing that God is urging me to write, whether or not anyone reads it. A gift consumed is a gift that grows. A gift neglected withers. Also, a gift calls to be passed on as an act of gratitude. So that’s what this is about. I hope it doesn’t come across as too self-indulgent, as that’s a real danger. Un abrazo, Ian

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